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Providing Unparalleled Landscaping Services in Newtown, CT

Welcome to Supreme Green Landscaping, LLC, Newtown, CT’s trusted provider for all things landscaping. Our small yet determined team of professionals is passionate about making your landscaping vision come to fruition. Our trademark is our remarkable service and focus on every minor detail, ensuring each project’s successful completion to meet your contentment.

Our seasoned specialists hold the expertise to metamorphose your yard into an enchanting outdoor sanctuary. We comprehend the significance of a splendid yard and its contribution to your home’s visual appeal and practicality. From early planning to the final touch-up, we’ll accompany you through each step, ensuring every tiny aspect is flawlessly executed.

We render an extensive array of services that include:

Our steadfast dedication and extensive hands-on experience have polished our landscaping skills to an exceptional level. Regardless of how wild or unruly your yard may appear, we hold the know-how to convert it into an appealing garden that’ll leave you and your neighbors amazed.

At Supreme Green Landscaping, LLC, we carry a deep-rooted passion for nurturing our community, one yard at a time. Let us be your partner in creating the outdoor paradise you’ve always envisioned.

supreme green outside a house in front of a landscape and trees behind it

Ready to Collaborate With You

Touch base with us today to arrange a consultation and initiate the journey of transforming your outdoor space into a stunning, functional, and enjoyable retreat.

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